3 Ways To Create A Better Blogger Background Image

3 Ways To Create A Better Blogger Background Image

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If you are a blogger, chances are that you have used a background image in one of your blogs. Whether it was to add an interesting visual flair or to spice things up (when there was no other way to do so), blogger backgrounds have indeed come a long way. The question though is how does one go about creating their own blog backgrounds? With a little bit of guidance and some helpful advice, you can easily use blogger background images to achieve a unique look that is sure to make a good blog stand out from the rest!


There are many different ways to apply a background image to a blog, but before you get started, you must first learn about the different types and styles that are available for you to choose from. For instance, among the most common styles are the grid system, the flower style, 3D, solid color, photo, and pattern styles. Each of these has its own benefits and uses which will help you decide what background to create for your blog.


Among the most popular backgrounds to use on blogs is the solid color blog background. This is probably the easiest style to apply since all you need to do is simply pick a color and fill the background with it. This means that you can either use a color wheel or you can simply use the Pantone color index to find the closest match. A flower-style background would look great with floral elements like crayons or even just a simple border of some sort. The best thing about this type of background for a blogger is that it is as close to a photo background as possible and you can freely move the images around without having to worry about getting messed up!


Another style that many bloggers love to use is the grid system. When it comes to background images, there really isn’t any substitute for the grid. It offers infinite possibilities and is something that will really allow you to play around with different aspects of the image. Some bloggers also like to use image thumbnails instead of the actual full-sized background image since the thumbnail allows you to move the image around without losing the background elements behind it. With a grid system, you will also have a greater degree of control when it comes to creating alternate background styles since you can easily create horizontal and vertical arrangements for your blog posts.


Finally, one of the most popular background types to use is still life. These are great for blogs focusing on landscaping or a more rural aesthetic. In this case, the background image would be in a landscape or rural setting with flowers in vibrant colors, lined along the wall, or even standing on a stool. To add a little more drama, you could always place a still life above the border of your blog posts or images. The key here is to keep your layout consistent and keep your color tones as light as possible.


No matter which of the blogger background images you choose, it is important that you create links back to your website. This is the only way that people will be able to find your content in the future. Blogger backgrounds are very easy to update by simply clicking on the “Update Background” button on the blog post itself. That way, no matter what the background is, your readers will always be able to see it.

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