Feed Your Passion For Reading With Blogger Banane Ka Tarika

Feed Your Passion For Reading With Blogger Banane Ka Tarika

blogger banane ka tarika

Blogger Banane Ka Tarika is a beautifully crafted, multi-layered, soulful, and candid personal memoir of the writer’s life and times. It tells the story of a writer as he goes about his life, day by day. It reveals the various stages of his development and how he came to write about them. It brings out his inner being and makes him reveal his emotions and his thoughts. Through this diary, we are presented with the beautiful memories and events of the writer’s life and how it transformed him.


This diary presents an emotional insight of the writer’s life and thus, allows the reader to understand the inner workings of the mind and psyche. Through Log Book Journal, the writer is able to see his life in a broader perspective and understand how things happen around him and around others. It vividly brings forth the various stages of his life and how each one dramatically changed him. It reveals his innermost thoughts and brings out the voice he thinks to write. It brings to light various phases of his life that left a mark on him and later on helped him grow and flourish. The writer could have never done without it – Log Book Journal.


When we start to write and say our own thoughts, sooner or later we often forget or misunderstand ourselves and end up writing a dry and dull diary. It is therefore important, to be honest, but still maintaining the charm and flair of the personality we want to show off. As a result, the writer tends to ramble, make mistakes and even contradict himself a number of times in the diary. But when the writer is sincere, his message comes across clearly and is appreciated a lot.


The writer starts his journey with a dream and then chronicles his journey as he writes about his dreams and current thoughts. It slowly starts with a single thought, then a series of thoughts, and finally, a flood of emotions comes down and sweep all before him like a tidal wave. It’s like he’s shouting out to the world “My life! My life!’ and the writer just keeps on shouting until the audience is in the palm of his hand. It is so moving!


The blogger Banane Ka Tarika also chronicles various happenings and interesting happenings in his life that add color to the story and makes it all worthwhile to read. There are some wonderful stories in the diary where the writer brings the reader into the shoes of various characters he meets along the way. It is also very touching to see the writer trying to make every person he meets happy and satisfied with his life. In fact, it has been said many times that life-changing moments are those that are remembered and are shared widely. And it’s because of such powerful and unforgettable moments that the banane books have gained immense popularity over the years.


The blogger Banane Ka Tarika has kept the readers hooked to his fascinating blog for quite some time now. No matter what the subject is, you will always find something new to learn and relevant to the diary. The latest book in the series, “Banane’s Bunkie”, is out now and promises even more fascinating stories from the blogger and his life. Readers can also join the Facebook Fan Page of the blogger and be part of the buzz. It is only right that you experience all that the blog has to offer and if you are a fan of the blog then there is no way that you can ever stop reading it. So what are you waiting for?

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