How to Write a Blogger Bio For Instagram

How to Write a Blogger Bio For Instagram

A blogger bio for Instagram is a great way to promote yourself and your blog. If you haven’t started one, you’re behind the times. People are connecting through the internet on a daily basis and so do people that have started a blog. If you haven’t got one set up yet, then you’re behind the times.

blogger bio for instagram


So what can you offer people that want to connect with you through your blog? The obvious answer is that you need to have a blog. But this does take time. It takes more time than most people give their blogs and in turn, they sit around waiting for their blogs to go viral.


The key to getting people to go viral is to have an engaging and interesting bio. It’s just as important to have a bio that has “activity” as it is to have a bio that looks like a college paper. Blogger had an excellent tutorial on this. They suggest that the first paragraph should be about you and then afterward include something about your blog. But you don’t have to stick to the format they suggest, it’s completely up to you.


One thing that I’ve seen people do is use quotes from famous people like Winston Churchill and Barack Obama. Now I’m not talking about re-twitting a quote (I’m sure you know how that turns people off) but rather including the full quote and maybe even including a little bit of context as well. This makes the blog much more entertaining and humanizing to the reader. It makes them feel like they’re a part of that person’s life.


Another important aspect of this is that you shouldn’t be repeating yourself. You have to let people get to know you. I’m not saying put a re-hash everything you’ve ever said. That would be boring. What I’m saying is to find a little bit of useful information about yourself that you can put into an interesting medium like Instagram and share what you have to say with the world.


So if you’ve been on the internet for a while now then you know how important it is to get involved in the community and share what you know. If you’re just starting out then you should definitely start with your blogs because they’re easier to manage. If you’ve already got a lot of content published then maybe you’d prefer to go a bit more in-depth with your content. Whatever you choose to do, please take care of it and don’t forget to reward people who help you out!

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