Is Tech Crunch As Bad As Wall Street?

Is Tech Crunch As Bad As Wall Street?

Tech Crunch is an American web newspaper focused on high-tech startups and new technologies. It was founded in May 2021 by partners Zynga, Michael Arrington, and Keith Teare. In 2021, it became a pay-per-click’s first major competitor, competing with the Financial Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal in online advertising revenue. But despite its high profile, the company never really caught on like the other two major dailies.

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Today, it does have a presence, but it is limited to presenting the perspectives of the company founders themselves. This may be strange, given that its target market is small businesses and technology enterprises. In addition, its editorial policy and tone are not always friendly to traditionalists. Some of its content, particularly regarding the new hot industries, seems to assume a bias against new technologies, while generally favoring the more traditional sectors.


As a result, many readers are left feeling uncertain whether Tech Crunch is a reliable and fair venue for investment news and information. Its reliance on the expertise of the founders seems to lend it a slant toward commercial interest stories. And some of its articles have suggested that the future of tech investing is mostly commercialization, moving away from the more experimental efforts being made by government or academic researchers. While the editors note that they do not make recommendations about what to buy or sell, their pieces frequently quote venture capitalists as experts. Venture capital firms typically have a long history of providing investment advice to media outlets, so their involvement in Tech Crunch may appear to be somewhat problematic.


Unfortunately, this sort of investment news is becoming all too common in the news. Startups are receiving more attention from institutional investors. Tech Crunch has attracted some of these sophisticated institutional investors, however, it remains relatively small in comparison to overall venture capital investment. So although it has attracted institutional investment, the company’s emphasis has been on the straight investment focus of private investors.


The financial perspective of the company does seem to have an impact on its editorial content. For example, in one article, the author focuses almost exclusively on financial issues of the mobile technology industry. While the article provides an overall positive take on the sector, it does include an occasional mention of products that have been “disappeared” from the tech scene (an apparent reference to Apple and Google). These products, it appears, have been expensive enough to force the companies into bankruptcy.


As with many other tech news sites, Tech Crunch does try to provide its readers with a balanced view of the industry. But given the focus on high-tech companies in the headlines, it is difficult to see how the organization can truly be expected to provide impartial information about other technology sectors. Its attempt to distinguish itself from other tech news websites may result in its continued failure to achieve that distinction.

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