Making Money From Blogger Blogs

Making Money From Blogger Blogs

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Blogger blogs are great for new authors, especially those who have a talent for writing. These types of blogs provide a platform to display your work while earning some revenue. How do these blogs work? Blogs are basically web pages where you can post your writings and comments. Blogger is an American online blog-publishing service that allows multiple user blogs with time-stamped, log-in entries. It was initially developed by Pyra Labs, which was later purchased by Google in 2003.


The blogs are maintained and updated by Google, usually through a sub-domain of Blogspot. New blogs must be created or submitted by their own owners before they can be listed in Google’s Blogger program. However, it is possible to register multiple blogs using the same ID, thereby allowing people to blog for multiple companies. Some of the blogging software also enables the posting of blog posts from multiple Blogger accounts. This facility is called Google Sites.


The other option available to make money from Blogger blogs is through advertisements. There are two ways to advertise through Blogger blogs. The first is called Pay Per Click, where you bid on a keyword to pay a certain amount of money when someone clicks on your ad. The second is called Pay Per Click Ads, where you bid on a keyword to display an advertisement on your blog. Both of these advertising options require you to pay for each click, even if no one actually clicks on your ad.


Blogger offers more than just advertising opportunities, however. They also offer features that allow you to earn money directly by signing up as a blogger. This is called Joining Bloggers, and you can create your own blog for free. You will need to register for an account on the Blogger site, and then follow the instructions to create your profile. When you have registered, you can now choose what kind of content you wish to blog about, and how often you want to update your blogs. You can also choose from a variety of themes and apply them to your site.


If you already have a blog that you want to keep updated, you can always apply to be a Contributor. As a contributor, you are given the opportunity to upload text, photos, and video ads on other people’s sites, for a fee. While this means you may not get immediate sales, it does mean you can make money from the ads other people place on your blog! With enough referrals from other bloggers, you can easily earn enough money to pay for hosting and maintenance fees, and still, leave a little over at the end of the month.


All in all, making money from Blogger blogs is possible. You should simply choose your blog topics carefully and work hard at providing interesting and useful content. You will probably need to experiment with some formats to find what works best for you. If you put in the effort, you can be very successful with blogging!

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