What Is The Definition Of A Tech Geek And How Has It Evolved Over The Years?

What Is The Definition Of A Tech Geek And How Has It Evolved Over The Years?

It is a simple fact that video gaming has matured and techno gamers are growing in the same direction. Video game consoles have taken the world by storm, leaving behind in its dust; all the other forms of media such as books, films, and music. Nowadays, people no longer think of video games as things for children; rather they are becoming a passion for people from every walk of life. Video games and their associated systems are now sold in billions of dollars, with many well-established companies involved in the manufacture of new consoles. In the last few years, new forms of entertainment like ‘ORPGs’ or online role-playing games have grown in popularity.

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Video gaming has also become much more socially acceptable, as you can play these games with a group of people from around the world. Most techno gaming involves team gaming and this provides an opportunity to expand the gamer community and get closer to your friends and family. The possibilities of developing strong friendships are enormous. As gaming gets more advanced, so do the possibilities of adding more personal aspects to the game itself. People can start to customize their characters according to what they want to look like and make changes to the level of difficulty as well.


As long as there are games, there will be Vikings in the market trying to get hold of the next new thing. They will be devising crazy schemes in order to beat each other’s progress. People who play video game consoles on a regular basis will know exactly what you are talking about when we say ‘next new thing’. As long as something is being developed, someone somewhere will be trying to take advantage of it by producing a game related to it. As we said earlier, it is not just about gaming but also includes much more, such as music and movies.


In some areas of the world, the phenomenon of techno-geeks has even reached political attention. It was an issue of major controversy during the presidential campaign, with some of the most right-wingers going out of their way to attack the gaming industry. This came to a head at the election when George Bush was asked a question about his views on the matter, and he famously replied: ‘I hate techno geeks’. Needless to say, this did not go over very well with the techno-geek community.


The reason why techno geeks are generally considered to be bad people is that they have been branded as trouble-makers. Many times, this has been a result of them speaking out about issues that are politically incorrect in most cases. Many people are also threatened with violence if they dare speak out against the status quo. At the same time, it has also been a result of them enjoying video games excessively. Sometimes they will create a scene at an event by gaming at high speeds on a track set up for racing games at an arcade.


The truth is that the whole ‘tech geek’ phenomenon is still in its infancy, and most experts are not even sure what qualifies someone to be a geek. In any case, techno-geeks are certainly a force to be reckoned with and they are sure to be around for a long time. The best advice one can give to a person trying to get involved in this sub-culture is to just have fun! Remember, most geeks grew up playing games so there is no real danger involved.

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