Why SEO Keywords Matter

Why SEO Keywords Matter

seo keywords

Your SEO keywords are obviously the keywords and key phrases within your web content which allow search engine users to locate your website via search engines. A well-optimized site “speaks the language” of its potential visitor demographic with keywords helping link surfers to your site. The most important benefit to implementing keywords within your content, however, is the increased search engine traffic this approach can bring you. Keywords assist in increasing your ranking on the major search engine result pages (SERPs) and thus potentially generate increased organic traffic.


A well-optimized website content using SEO keywords will assist in generating organic traffic. Organic traffic referred to as “qualified traffic” is far more profitable than “free traffic” and can result in higher conversions (buyer transactions). With an increase in qualified traffic, you have a better opportunity to convert your visitors into paying customers. With a proper keyword strategy, you have the opportunity to generate more money through your SEO keywords and key phrases.


To get a glimpse at just how important SEO keywords can be within the competitive world of modern-day e-commerce, take time to visit the popular Search Engine Optimization blog or website Traffic Monkey. When you browse their website, you’ll quickly realize just how imperative SEO keywords can be within today’s online business environment. In fact, the search engine optimization industry (SEO) can be classified as nothing less than a fundamental business principle due to the fact that it’s simply the survival of businesses that rely heavily on obtaining free keyword tools in order to remain competitive within their respective industries. As a result of this fundamental business principle, many business owners have found themselves slowly outsourcing SEO marketing in the form of SEO keyword tools and traffic-building methods.


Utilizing the power of Google’s Keyword Planner, you can find some remarkable tools to help you optimize your website. A free keyword tool that’s accessible through Google’s site is the Google External keyword tool (KIT). Using the Google External keyword planner, you can discover and locate a significant number of high-quality, highly targeted keywords that are likely to be used by Internet surfers when performing a search engine query. Keywords that are located within the more targeted (high competition) geographical regions of your business location.


Once you’ve located these keywords within your geographic region, you can use these keywords to create targeted ads, and as an added bonus they will also help you build relationships with your target audience on Facebook. This is done by utilizing topical keywords and in the process of connecting with your target audience on a more personal level. From the information provided about each keyword you’ve discovered through the Google External keyword tool, you’ll be able to identify the areas of your website that will best capture your target audience. From these areas, you can further refine your advertisements to attract your target audience and ultimately increase conversion rates.


SEO keywords matter, even more than you might think. There is no point in stuffing unrelated keywords into your website because doing so will have very little impact on search engine results, or on how well your site does overall on Google. Rather, you should be focusing on finding highly targeted keywords within your own geographic region and using them to target your website’s content. In the process, you’ll be building relationships with your target audience, which can lead to repeat visitors and sales. The power of search behavior analysis is absolutely critical to an online business owner seeking to enhance the profitability of their company.

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